Hottest Christmas Toys

So what are the hottest toys of this year?

What are you going to do about deciding what toys your kids are going to want this year?

Well, for most parents it is just a simple case of following the trend in toy sales; which means getting their hands on the top selling toys of the year.

Follow this route and chances are your kids will be happy with their gifts. Just find out what your kids are into and then purchase the appropriate top selling toy that comes close to it.

As we become more technology driven the latest toys tend to be more electronic in nature. Kids want toys that move on their own, that talk, that can do things with a remote control, etc.

No doubt this year’s Christmas stockings will be filled with state-of-the-art technology that only the kids seem to know how to operate.

So what are the predicted Christmas toys for this year?

Of course every country has their own hot toy lists but there are a few toys that span across multiple countries regarding its popularity.
Here are some examples of predicted hot Christmas toys:

• My Friend Cayla
• Frozen toys
• LEGO toys
• Kiddizoom Smart Watch
• Kids tablets
• Barbie toys
• Robotic dinosaurs
• Transformer toys
• Teksta T-Rex
• Leapfrog LeapTV
• Nerf guns
• Razor Crazy Cart
• Hot Wheels
• Zoomer toys
• Air Storm
• Digibirds
• MIP robots

These are just a few of the toys that look to be the top contenders in the race to be in the top 10 bestselling toys for Christmas.

Which will your kids like?
You had better decide now and order as soon as you can because getting stuck in the last minute Christmas rush is not a good choice.

Merry Christmas!

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